Are your climate change choices influenced by others?

Are your climate change choices influenced by others?

For better or worse, the opinions of other people shape our beliefs and actions. This study investigates how social influence might shift your decisions when it comes to taking action to reduce climate change. This study is a collaboration between NYU MindHive and Dr. Rebecca Martin, a social neuroscientist and Research Director at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

Time to complete
About 10 minutes
In this study, you are asked to complete a rating task where you rate a series of scenarios (i.e. actions, behaviors, beliefs, values, etc.) and are then presented with social feedback (i.e. ratings of peers your age).

Each scenario consists of three parts:

  • First, you are asked to rate how well the scenario applies to you
  • You will then see how someone else rated the same scenario
  • Following feedback, you are asked to re-rate the same scenario
The study takes about 10 minutes total.


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