Are you a risk-taker?

Are you a risk-taker?

We all view rewards differently and some people are more willing to take risks than others. Why do we make risky decisions and why do these differences between people exist? This study investigates how you assess risk and reward. This study is a collaboration between NYU MindHive and Dr. Robb Rutledge, a cognitive and computational neuroscientist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at Yale University

Time to complete
10 minutes
In this study, you are asked to complete a gambling task where your goal is to win as many points as you can. You will complete 60 "gambling trials" and you can win or lose points in each trial.

During the task, you will do the following:

  • For each gambling trial, you can choose to gamble or "play it safe"
  • At the start and end of the task, you are asked how anxious you feel
  • In between gambling trials, you are asked on occasion to rate how happy you are at that particular moment

The study takes about 10 minutes total.


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